Men's Home

The start

It's not addressed much in the culture we live in today, so let me be the first to say, men aren't in most circumstances treated fairly when it comes to shelters and other programs setup to help the men within the community. with that being said here at Imperfect Love foundation that is our number one priority! male or female everyone is showed the same amount of imperfect love!

What we offer the men

The men will all have their own spaces where they can have as much privacy as they need. they will also be provided all the necessary items they would need while they stay including clothes and shoes haircuts and other personal hygiene things. Along with two nice big meals and the option of snacks in between, Men will also have the chance to find work and make some money while they stay and counseling where they can seek help for any mental issues they may have. & Most importantly we make it our job to make the men feel like family ! the facility is a safe space for restoration.


All of this may sound very simple but let's be honest... it's the simple things like this that can change a person's whole life. it's also the simple thing's most shelters seem to miss! Here at Imperfect Love foundation, we don't turn a blind eye to the harsh realities of life. We embrace it and do what God intended from the beginning which is work that reality instead of letting it work us!

Reach out

We are well aware that more than likely the people who are in need might be the last ones to ever see this website due to the circumstances. So we ask that if you the person reading this knows anyone in need in your community you reach out to us and we will certainly make room for them!!

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