Family Homes

What we offer families

All families within our care will have their own spaces where they will have lots of privacy. All families will be provided the necessary things they need while they stay. This includes clothing, shoes, haircuts and two nice big meals a day with the option of snack in between. All parents will have the opportunity to find work and make money while they stay, Daycare will be provided while they work. All parents will also have access to counseling as well as children if needed, parents will also have opportunity to get help with finding housing.


As hard as it may be to face, the truth is it may be harder for families than anyone else when it comes to being in a tough situation. The stress of trying to do better and have better for you family is overwhelming enough on a good day, multiply that by 1000 on a bad day. In understanding this we do our very best to make sure we lighten the load on the families that need us.

Reach Out

We are well aware that more than likely the people who are in need might be the last ones to ever see this website due to the circumstances. So we ask that if you the person reading this knows anyone in need in your community you reach out to us and we will certainly make room for them!!

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