Imperfect Love foundation Inc.

Services we provide

Men's Housing

Women and children's Housing

Family Housing

Our Mission

Here at imperfect Love foundation, we strive to make those within our care as comfortable as possible. The number one way we do that is by making the shelter not so shelter like, most shelters especially for men are no different from prison... from the way they are set up to the way they are run by staff. In fact, most people would rather take to the streets than to live in a shelter where it's supposed to be safe.

We look to completely change this, and in doing so change the lives of many people. No matter who they are or where they come from.

What We Offer

We have many things to offer here at Imperfect Love foundation, everyone that is welcomed into one of our facilities which we like to call the Restoration Homes will be provided whatever they may need while they stay. From nice healthy and rich meals to personal things, it can be hard enough being in a place where you are in need and it's even worse when your being treated like less of a human. We make sure everyone gets the best treatment we can provide

Everyone within the facility has their own room or space, while there is a place for everyone to come together and commune, we believe it's very important for everyone to have some privacy. so, we make sure everyone has their own room unlike most shelters.

We also have opportunities for anyone who is of age to find a job, make some money, and eventually find their own home which we also help out with. with that being said there isn't a time limit on how long you stay, it can be hard to get completely back on your feet with only a couple months to do so and we understand that here.

New start

Each home is referred to as the "Restoration House" why? well that's our main goal to give those who come within the facilities a fresh new start and do our best at restoring them. If we can change the lives of those in need within our community and give them a fresh New start, we can begin to change the world.

How can I get involved?

The best way you can become a part of what we do here at imperfect Love foundation is to simply start making a change in your community! if you see something that needs to be changed strive to change it! None of us are perfect so nothing we do will ever be 100% right but there is always something one of us can do to make a difference in this world we live in.

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